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Reject GOP plans to end Social Security as we know it!

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    Reject GOP plans to end Social Security as we know it!

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    We urge you to reject all efforts to cut Social Security benefits and raise the Social Security retirement age.

    Republican dysfunction led to the removal of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. Now, with the next government funding deadline in just one month, the House is stalled.

    But that won’t stop Republicans from trying to slash Social Security in the next funding fight. The GOP threatened the entire country with a government shutdown just a few weeks ago, all in order to push “steeper spending cuts”1 to the social safety net Americans depend on — including devastating cuts to Social Security. Democrats in Congress must hold the line and block all proposed cuts to Social Security.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to reject GOP plans to slash Social Security!

    As soon as the House GOP gets their caucus together enough to elect a Speaker, Republicans will go after the same massive cuts to the social safety net that has always been a core part of their agenda.

    House Republicans released a plan to raise the Social Security retirement age to 69, which would result in benefit reductions across the board for seniors.2 And the right-wingers in Congress will use leverage of the next potential government shutdown in mid-November to try to slash Social Security benefits.

    The GOP plan would not only cut benefits for people who need Social Security to pay for groceries and rent, their agenda would continue to protect the ultra-rich — millionaires and billionaires who pay a far lower percentage of their incomes in Social Security taxes than the average American. We need to strengthen Social Security, by removing these ridiculous loopholes and increasing benefits, NOT weaken the program like Republicans want by raising the retirement age and reducing benefits.

    The GOP may threaten a government shutdown again, but Democrats must stand firm and protect Social Security!

    Sign the petition to Congress: Protect Social Security from proposed right-wing cuts!


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