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Sign the petition: $2000 stimulus checks now!

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    Sign the petition: $2000 stimulus checks now!

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    I am a constituent and I support $2000 stimulus checks — $600 is not enough! Tell Speaker Pelosi and Congressional leaders that you want to vote to make sure Congress passes relief for every American.

    We have a golden opportunity to deliver a $2000 stimulus check to American households -- more than $600, which is woefully insufficient -- but we need your help right now to make it happen.

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she wants the House to pass $2000 checks.1 Even Donald Trump wants it too. But for $2000 checks to become reality, we need to flood Congressional offices with messages right now, before a possible vote on Christmas Eve. Can you help?

    Sign and send the petition: Tell Congress to vote for $2000 economic stimulus checks!

    With rent due next week and the coronavirus spiraling out of control across America, it's clear that a $600 check is not going to be anywhere near enough to meet families' desperate need in this moment of crisis.

    Trump's threat to veto a stimulus bill that doesn't include a $2000 check has created a new opportunity to make it happen in Congress. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib already have an amendment ready to go. Pelosi needs to bring back the House to make sure it can happen.

    Mitch McConnell remains strongly opposed to $2000 stimulus checks. But Trump's support for that larger check means Senate Republicans may be willing to overcome McConnell's objections -- especially if they and their Democratic colleagues hear a groundswell of public support for it right now.

    Demand Progress delivers your petition signatures electronically to Congress, so when you sign the petition urging them to pass $2000 stimulus checks, they'll receive that message. And there's not a moment to lose before a possible vote on Thursday. Will you speak up in this crucial moment?

    Tell Congress: Vote for $2000 stimulus checks!

    1. Washington Post, "Democrats pressure McConnell to give in to Trump’s demand for $2,000 stimulus checks: ‘Let’s do it!’," December 23, 2020.