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Stop DeJoy's USPS privatization plan!

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    Stop DeJoy's USPS privatization plan!

    Petition to the USPS Board of Governors:
    The postal service has been a lifeline to so many Americans who rely on the service for medication, voter registration and vote-by-mail, and other packages.

    What Louis DeJoy is doing is shameful and will only result in further harm to Indigenous and rural communities, the elderly, and the disabled. The USPS is a treasured, beloved American institution that has historically, not only brought communities together, but played an immense role in providing good union jobs and building the Black middle class.

    I am urging you to stop Postmaster DeJoy’s 10-year plan now, before it’s too late. We cannot allow the USPS to be privatized and taken over by Wall Street. Instead, I urge you to innovate your way into the future and generate new revenue streams instead of cutting, slashing, closing, and raising prices. For example: expand the check cashing pilot, ensure all the electric and non-electric vehicles new fleet are made with 100% union labor, and say no at every turn to mail slowdowns and price hikes.

    Trump appointee Louis DeJoy is still the Postmaster General. So, DeJoy’s dangerous 10-year privatization plan for the United States Postal Service remains a very, very real threat.

    Mail prices have risen under DeJoy, and the mail has slowed down. His privatization plan will inevitably raise prices even more, crushing consumers who rely on the mail to send packages to loved ones and small businesses who rely on the USPS for the core of their operations.1 It will also adversely impact rural and indigenous communities the most2the USPS is a lifeline for so many communities. We must pressure the USPS Board of Governors to undo this dangerous DeJoy plan.

    Sign the petition: Demand the USPS Board of Governors put a stop to Louis DeJoy’s 10-year plan to privatize the postal service now.

    People living in remote areas, rural communities, and Indigenous communities rely on the postal service to receive medications and to vote-by-mail, because their towns are too small for polling places. Privatizing the USPS would hurt these communities the most because, unlike UPS and FedEx, the USPS is required by law to deliver all mail to all regions at a flat rate.

    Private companies won’t build offices in rural and remote areas because it’s not profitable. That’s corporate greed, and that’s why the USPS is so important — and it’s critical that we stop the privatization of the mail.

    Now, with MAGA Republicans controlling the U.S. House, the postal service is at a greater threat than ever. It’s up to a strong USPS Postal Board to stand up to DeJoy and stop the 10-year plan before it’s too late.

    Add your name urging the USPS Board of Governors to protect the postal service from Trump’s Louis DeJoy.


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