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Tell Mitch McConnell: No more shutdowns!

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    Tell Mitch McConnell: No more shutdowns!

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    We urge you to work with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and prevent another government shutdown. Millions of Americans rely on an open, functioning government, especially during the holiday season. It would be damaging to the country to allow another shutdown to happen.

    Remember the government shutdown back in January? We could be in for another shutdown in December — if Mitch McConnell has his way.

    Recent reports show that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and McConnell are "on a collision course" that could produce a government shutdown right before the winter holidays. McConnell said "there's no particular reason" to talk with Pelosi about averting a shutdown.1

    Donald Trump also signaled he might support a shutdown (especially given a looming impeachment vote). It's time to mobilize and stop this from happening again.

    Sign the petition: Tell Mitch McConnell "no more shutdowns!"

    According to Politico, when reporters asked Trump on Sunday if he would shut down the government because of his impeachment, he eventually said "It depends on -- it depends on what the negotiation -- I wouldn't commit to anything. It depends on what the negotiation is."2

    Trump is desperate for any shred of leverage he can find as the walls close in. Congressional investigators continue to unearth new and damaging facts about his misconduct in office.

    Just this week, his Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, submitted revised testimony that made it clear there was a "quid pro quo" between Trump and Ukraine regarding Joe Biden.3

    With public impeachment hearings beginning next week, Trump is going to lean harder on McConnell to help him - and a government shutdown might be just the trick they need to delay the inevitable impeachment of the president.

    A government shutdown would also cause massive harm to people across America, from federal workers' families losing a paycheck during the holidays to shutdowns of critical public services and infrastructure. We have to stop it. And Mitch McConnell needs to hear from you right now.

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