The TPP contains massive new giveaways to big banks and giant corporations. It must be stopped.

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Tell Congress: Stop the TPP!

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    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) for the first time contains DRAMATICALLY expanded powers for big banks to attack U.S. laws like Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform.

    That’s in addition to all the disastrous setbacks this trade agreement would deal to environmental protections, human rights, and workers around the globe.

    And now congressional GOP leaders are angling to force the TPP through during the “lame duck” session after Election Day – giving members of Congress 2 long years of political cover before they have to face voters again.

    But if members of Congress – and especially Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – take a strong stand against a “lame duck” TPP vote now, we can block it from happening and stop the TPP for good.

    Sign the petition to tell Congress: Stop the TPP. Do not allow this disastrous trade deal to be forced through on a vote during the “lame duck” session after Election Day.

    Petition to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and all Members of Congress:

    "The Trans-Pacific Partnership is an unprecedented threat to many of the goals we share and for which we appreciate your leadership: good jobs, higher wages, strong climate policies and a livable environment, affordable medicines, safe food, human rights and an open Internet.

    Given the broad public opposition on display this election cycle to trade agreements that expand corporate power to the detriment of most of us, holding a vote during the lame-duck session—when members of Congress are the least accountable—would be unfair and undemocratic. Yet that is precisely what GOP congressional leaders are suggesting.

    Please join presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and publicly oppose any lame duck vote on the TPP. We are counting on you to lead the fight against a TPP lame duck vote."