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Supermarket Super Merger

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    Supermarket Super Merger

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    Stop the Kroger Albertson mega-merger! Anti-competitive mergers like this only enrich share-holders and CEOs while wreaking havoc on small businesses and consumers.

    The Kroger-Albertson merger would create a behemoth in the grocery industry, obliterating competition and devastating consumers.1

    Kroger and Albertsons are two of the largest grocery chains in the United States. If this merger is allowed to proceed, the combined company would have an even larger market share, giving them outrageous power to set prices and dominate local markets. The result is higher prices for consumers and fewer choices for shoppers.2

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to block the Kroger and Albertson mega-merger!

    The merger would wreak havoc on small businesses and independent grocers. It would make it almost impossible for them to compete with the combined company's size and buying power. This would devastate local economies, as small businesses and independent grocers are often major employers in their communities.3

    Congress has a responsibility to protect consumers and promote competition in the marketplace. Blocking the Kroger Albertsons merger would send a strong message that the government is committed to fostering a competitive economy and ensuring that consumers have access to a wide range of choices at fair prices.4

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to block the Kroger and Albertson mega-merger!

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