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Tax private jets!

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    Tax private jets!

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    The rich must pay their fair share in taxes. It’s time to tax the rich and get rid of the private jet write-off in the 2017 Trump Tax Cuts.

    The “typical” private jet owner has a median net worth of $190 million and the 2017 Trump Tax Cuts allowed the mega-rich to get a full, 100% tax write-off for private jet purchases.1

    While the average American filed taxes this year, ultra-wealthy private jet owners probably got a pretty hefty tax break. While the rich get richer, the rest of us are left trying to afford basic necessities as corporations continue to raise prices. And some of these price-gouging corporations are run by the very people getting private jet tax write-offs.

    Sign the petition to Congress: Tax the Rich! No private jet owner should get to write-off their polluting luxury travel accommodations.

    MAGA Republicans celebrated the Trump Tax Cut giveaways to the rich. Now these same extreme right-wing Republicans say Democrats are spending too much. Kevin McCarthy and the GOP are holding the entire economy hostage to cut spending, when they’ve spent for the rich through tax cuts and giveaways to corporations.

    As long as GOP donors are happy, the GOP is willing to spend. But if Congress and President Biden want to pay for clean energy projects or health care for seniors, it’s "too much spending."

    Under the Trump administration, the GOP was able to essentially gift private jets to the ultra-rich with these tax write-offs. Where’s the average American’s tax write-off for buying groceries at higher prices while price-gouging corporations bring in record profits?

    On top of it all, the carbon footprint of a passenger on a private aircraft is 10 times greater than that of a traveler on a commercial flight.2 Incentivizing private jet purchases and travel is going to drive even more pollution at a time when every effort to battle climate change is critical.

    It’s time to make the rich pay their fair share and the FULL price of their private jets!

    Add your name: Demand that Congress gets rid of the tax write-off for private jets.


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