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Tax private jet travel!

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    Tax private jet travel!

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    We urge you to pass the FATCAT Act to tax private jet travel.

    The "typical" private jet owner has a median net worth of $190 million and the 2017 Trump Tax Cuts allowed the mega-rich to get a full, 100% tax write-off for private jet purchases.1

    While the average American filed taxes this year, ultra-wealthy private jet owners probably got a pretty hefty tax break. At the same time, the mega-rich flying around on luxury private jets, like Elon Musk, produce 14 times more carbon emissions than people on commercial flights.2 And the ultra-wealthy are flying on their private planes a lot, so they’re polluting a lot.

    Senator Ed Markey and Rep. Nydia Velázquez just introduced legislation to tax all of this private jet travel and force the mega-rich polluters to pay.3

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to tax the mega-rich and their private jet travel. Pass the FATCAT Act now!

    After the Trump tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy, private jet sales increased — and so did the outsize impact millionaires and billionaires are having on climate change.4

    While climate change has devastating impacts on communities across the country and people struggle to afford their bills, the ultra-wealthy are evading taxes to the tune of $163 billion every year while they fly around in their luxury jets and pollute way more than the average American. Then, they go home to their mansions.

    Sen. Markey said of the legislation, “Billionaires and the ultra-wealthy are getting a bargain, paying less in taxes each year to fly private and contribute more pollution than millions of drivers combined on the roads below.”5

    It’s time to tax private jet travel to curb carbon emissions and force billionaires to pay more taxes.

    Add your name: Congress must pass the FATCAT Act to tax billionaire private jets.


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