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Tax the rich!

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    Tax the rich!

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    We urge you to pass a Billionaire Minimum Income Tax and other legislation to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires so we can invest in health care, education, the social safety net, and the fight against climate change.

    New data on ultra-wealthy tax cheats shows just how much millionaires and billionaires think they’re above the law. Senate Democrats just released a report showing that nearly 1,000 tax filers who earn more than $1 million per year haven’t filed federal tax returns at some point between 2017 and 2020.1

    AND the 2,000 people with the highest-income who didn’t file taxes owe over $900 million.2 Millionaires and billionaires must be held accountable and forced to pay the taxes they owe. But it doesn’t stop there. We must raise taxes on the ultra-wealthy and put that money towards health care, education, Social Security, and the fight against climate change.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to raise taxes on the super-rich and hold tax cheats accountable! It’s time they pay their fair share.

    Billionaires in the United States saw their total wealth grow by $5 trillion during the pandemic.3 Yet, they only paid about an 8% federal income tax rate, which is way below the rate the average American pays.4

    According to recent reports, the 400 wealthiest individuals in America have more wealth than the bottom 64% of the population combined.5 This level of inequality is unacceptable and unsustainable in a democracy. When billionaires’ wealth is taxed, we can put critical funds towards the social safety net, public education, health care, infrastructure, and critical government services.

    By ensuring that the ultra-wealthy pay what they truly owe, we can build a livable society for working people.

    Sign the petition to Congress: Tax the rich. Make millionaires and billionaires pay up!

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