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Break up the Big Tech monopolies!

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    Break up the Big Tech monopolies!

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    We urge you to pass two vital pieces of antitrust legislation, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the Open Act Markets Act, to ensure tech giants can no longer abuse their power to crush the small businesses that use their platforms!

    We've reached a critical moment in the fight against Big Tech companies like Amazon and Facebook. Two important bills with bipartisan support that would rein in the abusive, anti-competitive behavior of Big Tech giants are on the cusp of receiving a vote on the Senate floor. But Big Tech's lobbyists are working overtime to stop these bills from passing.

    Reports indicate that several Senate Democrats are wavering. We need to raise our voices and make it clear to all Senators that we expect them to vote to take on the power of Amazon, Facebook, and the other tech giants. Will you send them a message right now?

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    One of these bills, S.2992, would help protect the small businesses that sell their goods on Amazon. Many of them have complained for years that Amazon abuses its power to undermine to their businesses.

    When one Amazon executive tried to pressure these third party sellers to oppose S.2992, the small businesses responded by saying they strongly supported it. One of them wrote:

    "Any informed seller is going to support massive action taken against Amazon in the antitrust arena. I am personally sick of the condescending posts by Amazon management directed at us. We are not morons and know how to read and think for ourselves."1

    Small businesses across the country know perfectly well how important it is that Congress pass legislation to help break up big tech companies. We need to make sure Senators hear that message from constituents like you. Will you speak out in this critical moment?

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    1. CNBC, "Amazon sellers reject efforts by an executive to rally their opposition to Big Tech antitrust bill," June 6, 2022.