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Tell Amazon: Stop pitching face recognition to ICE!

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    Tell Amazon: Stop pitching face recognition to ICE!

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    We are joining the call of your own employees to demand that Amazon immediately cease all attempts to sell the controversial face recognition software, Rekognition, to ICE.

    Does Amazon think locking children in cages is good for business?

    New reports reveal that earlier this summer, while the nation was outraged over ICE’s family separation policy at the border, Amazon executives were meeting with ICE to sell them facial recognition software that, get this, can’t tell people of color apart from each other.1

    Amazon employees are speaking up2 and calling on their bosses to stop pitching facial recognition tech to ICE. We’re joining them, and you should too. Sign the petition: Tell Amazon to immediately stop selling facial recognition software to ICE.

    Amazon has already been peddling their facial recognition software to local law enforcement departments. But their software continues to fail at accurately telling Black and brown faces apart from each other. That’s a huge problem because false-positives could lead to even more over-policing in communities, false arrests, and false incarcerations.

    Now: imagine what false positives would mean at the border.

    Donald Trump is already trying to revive family separation at the border,3 and creating a panic about a group of migrants fleeing Central America for asylum. This is a critical moment to stop Trump -- and stop the tech companies that help him attack immigrants.

    Amazon employees are sounding the alarm, now it’s time for activists like you and me to heed the call. Tell Amazon to immediately stop pitching facial recognition software to ICE.


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