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Tell Amazon to stop powering ICE!

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    Tell Amazon to stop powering ICE!

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    Amazon in not neutral in our immigration crisis. By providing servers to ICE, Amazon is directly involved and profiting from them immigrant detentions and deportations. Amazon must end their relationship with ICE immediately.

    Children are languishing in cages, families are being ripped apart, and too often held in sub-standard living conditions. And Amazon isn’t just complicit in this, they’re profiting from it.

    Amazon’s AWS servers form the backbone of ICE’s detention and deportation operations. But the tech giant refuses to budge. Tell Amazon enough is enough: stop powering ICE!

    Even Amazon’s own employees are standing on the side of justice activists just like you and calling on the tech giant to cut ties with ICE. But Amazon executives would rather dodge responsibility than lift a finger to end a humanitarian disaster that is ICE’s detention and deportation machine.1 They argue that they don’t have a role in how their tech is deployed, and they’re dead wrong.

    Amazon executives want everyone – customers, companies, and governments – to keep buying Amazon services and look the other way. But we can’t do that while thousands of families are still locked in cages.

    Demand Progress has long worked to hold government and corporations accountable for how they use technology, especially when it comes to policing. But this is an extremely urgent moment. We don’t have a moment to lose.

    Amazon isn’t neutral in our current immigrant rights crisis, they’re allowing it to continue by providing tech infrastructure to ICE. Tell Amazon: Stop powering ICE!


    1. Buzzfeed, “Amazon Employees Demand It Stop Working With ICE. The Company Said It’s Up To The Government.” July 12, 2019.