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Tell Congress: Ban local subsidies for Amazon Ring!

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    Tell Congress: Ban local subsidies for Amazon Ring!

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    Local municipalities are subsidizing Amazon Ring’s dangerous, flawed, and racially biased private surveillance system. We demand you take action immediately and ban public subsidies for private surveillance.

    Imagine having to pay for the “privilege” of being spied on. Well, that’s exactly what’s starting to happen in US cities.

    Amazon Ring wants to use your taxpayer dollars to fund the expansion of their private surveillance network. It’s already started in cities like Baltimore1, but it’s not too late for you to stop handing public funds to Amazon and its creeping surveillance system.

    Sign the petition: Stop public subsidies for Amazon Ring!

    Amazon Ring has already built partnerships with around 400 US cities. But now they’re going even further by expecting local governments to use taxpayer dollars to subsidize their corporate profits -- and spy on your neighborhood.2

    When paired with Amazon’s facial recognition service, Ring cameras will be able to identify anyone simply walking down the street, and then storing and sharing that data with law enforcement. Such as ICE agents.

    But it gets even worse! Amazon Ring’s surveillance system is still insecure and vulnerable to hackers and abuses of power.

    Amazon Ring’s technology is dangerous, and you as a taxpayer should not be required to fund it. That’s why your members of Congress need to hear from you.

    Tell Congress: No public subsidies for Amazon Ring cameras!


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