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Tell Congress: Don’t give Trump a blank check for war!

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    Tell Congress: Don’t give Trump a blank check for war!

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    Pass a strong National Defense Authorization Act that includes the language approved by the House that would end US-involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen and stop Trump from having a blank check to go to war.

    This year we wanted to help end the war in Yemen, and we’re so close. But with days literally ticking away on the calendar, Congress might buckle under pressure and make a bloody compromise with Trump.

    Republicans just introduced a version of the National Defense Authorization Act1 that strips all the good policies the House included, and would let Trump continue to arm and supply Saudi-led forces in Yemen. They’re looking to save time before a deadline instead of saving human lives in a war zone.

    Tell Congress: Don’t pass an NDAA that gives Trump a blank check for war!

    The House and the Senate have already passed different versions of an NDAA this year. The House version would pull US-support from the deadly war in Yemen that has cost thousands of lives and plunged millions of people into one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent memory. It also includes policy language that would limit Trump’s ability to commit the US to war in Iran. The Senate version didn’t include anything about Yemen, which means both chambers should be working together on a final bill.

    Instead, Senate Republicans want to sneak through a filmsy “skinny” NDAA that won’t do anything to save lives in Yemen or curb Trump’s reckless executive authority for war.

    They know time is running out, and they’re using it against us. That’s why it’s critical to tell your member of Congress, right now, not to back any compromise bill that doesn’t involve pulling US-support from the deadly war in Yemen and doesn’t rein in Trump’s war powers.

    Tell Congress: Don’t give Trump a blank check for war!


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