Trump's FCC Chairman Pai wants to end the internet as we know it.

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Tell Congress: Stand with a free and open internet, and protect net neutrality!

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    "This Is the Year Donald Trump Kills Net Neutrality."That’s the disturbing headline from WIRED. And it’s not just speculation.

    Trump picked longtime Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai to serve as FCC Chairman.2

    Pai has opposed strong net neutrality rules from the start and has already promised top telecommunications industry lobbyists that the GOP-led FCC will repeal net neutrality "as soon as possible."3

    And net neutrality enemy Marsha Blackburn has been chosen to lead the powerful Communications and Technology subcommittee that could decide net neutrality’s fate in Congress.4

    It’s time for us to step up and fight back to make clear the grassroots won’t let Congress and Trump’s FCC gut net neutrality.

    Sign the petition to Congress: Stand with a free and open internet and protect net neutrality!

    Because of Demand Progress members’ activism, the FCC received more than 4 million comments in support of strong net neutrality rules that treat the Internet like a public utility, making it equally accessible to all.

    Thanks to your action, we won. And we didn’t stop there.

    Enabled by the FCC’s historic reclassification of the internet as a telecommunications service, we’ve won rules to protect net neutrality by banning internet slow-lanes, and to protect internet subscriber privacy.

    But now, Trump and his Republican allies on the FCC have made it clear that they will side with big corporations and end a free and open internet for all. They've already destroyed broadband privacy rules using the obscure rules in the Congressional Review Act.

    Sign the petition to Congress: Stand with a free and open internet and protect net neutrality!

    Congress can stop Trump from gutting the FCC. That’s why we’re working to ready our net neutrality champions in Congress and Silicon Valley to speak out against the upcoming assault on net neutrality. But that’s not enough without your help.

    We must mount a massive grassroots outcry to make sure Congress knows the American people want net neutrality to remain the law of the land. A huge public outcry has saved the net neutrality rules every time corporate lobbyists have attacked it, and we can’t stop now.

    Sign the petition to Congress: Stand with a free and open internet and protect net neutrality!

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