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Tell Congress: Stop selling weapons and ammunitions to Turkey!

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    Tell Congress: Stop selling weapons and ammunitions to Turkey!

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    We demand you cut off all weapons sales to Turkey immediately!

    After one phone call with Turkish president Erdogan, Trump sold out our Kurdish allies to their sworn enemy.

    The Syrian Kurds worked side-by-side with US forces to fight ISIS, but Trump simply abandoned them to face a military onslaught from Turkey. But we don’t have to just sit and watch the news in horror while Turkey launches an brutal campaign against the Kurdish people. We can act!

    Turkey relies on US weapons and ammunitions, and Congress has the ultimate say on who and where to sell them. We can stand up for the Kurdish people, as they’ve pleaded with us, and demand our members of Congress block all weapons and ammunition sales to Turkey.

    Add your name to the petition now: Tell Congress “no more weapons sales to Turkey!”

    Trump made a huge mistake in abandoning our partners in the Middle East. So much so that even Republicans and Democrats agree that the US will be feeling the sting of this betrayal on the world stage for years to come.1

    But the Trump White House isn’t the only part of government that gets to decide on how, when, and where US military and military funding works. Only Congress can declare war, and they also have oversight on military spending -- including arms sales.

    Demand Progress has been leading campaigns to strengthen Congress’ war powers so that Trump can’t make wild and brutal decisions involving war and military action abroad.

    That’s where you come in: as constituents, your members of Congress have to listen to you. You can provide the crucial voice to save the Kurds from the deadly situation Trump put them in.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress “no more weapons sales to Turkey!”


    1. USA Today, “Syria chaos poses new political perils for Trump by uniting Democratic and GOP lawmakers against him,” October 14, 2019.