Trump’s big idea for infrastructure is public-private partnerships that will pad corporate profits at the expense of taxpayers.

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Tell Congress: Stop Trump’s toll-roads-everywhere plan!

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    Petition to Congress:
    Trump’s plan for infrastructure relies on public-private partnerships that will gut federal funding to for improvements in roads, bridges and water systems. All while padding corporate profits off the backs of taxpayers through sky-high tolls and utility fees. We demand Congress oppose Trump’s infrastructure plan.

    Trump just released his infrastructure plan. It’s loaded with giveaways to Wall Street, with plans to sell off roads, bridges, water systems, airports, trains – you name it – to corporate interests through public-private partnerships. And Trump is dead set on jamming this through Congress.

    These public-private partnerships are corporate smash-and-grabs that will saddle us taxpayers with sky-high tolls just to get to work everyday, and then gouge us at home with out-of-control utility bills.1

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress that Trump’s infrastructure plan is a no-go. We need public infrastructure investment, not corporate giveaways.



    1. Fortune, “Commentary: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is a Scam,” February 12, 2018.