Families shouldn’t have to go into debt to communicate with their incarcerated loved ones.

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Tell the FCC: Reverse the call rate cap hike now!

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    But 1 in 3 families are going into debt because prison phone call rates are so high.

    The FCC drastically limited what prison telecom companies could charge in 2015, but last week they caved to industry pressure and voted to raise these limits on call rates – padding the prison and telecom companies’ bottom lines.

    Opponents of the rate caps are still insisting that the FCC's rate caps are too low to turn a profit, even after the rate caps were raised.

    If these companies are so concerned about making a profit, they should renegotiate their service contracts that give up to 60% of call profits to the prisons instead of passing excessive costs onto vulnerable taxpayers.

    Providing access to prison phone call services is more important than corporate profit margins: Consistent contact with family and friends while in prison can reduce the rate of recidivism by 13%.

    This is ridiculous: Struggling families should not have to pay more so prisons can pad their profit margins.

    Sign the petition to tell the FCC: Reverse the prison call rate cap hike now! 

    Petition to the Federal Communications Commission:
    The interests of prison phone service companies do not come before the interests of the families of inmates. Reverse the call rate caps hike on prison phone calls immediately!