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Tell President Biden: Appoint a Fifth FCC commissioner Now!

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    Tell President Biden: Appoint a Fifth FCC commissioner Now!

    Petition to the President and Congress:
    We demand that President Biden appoint and the Senate quickly confirm a fifth commissioner to the FCC who will restore net neutrality!

    The fate of the open internet is in the hands of two Trump appointees -- unless Joe Biden acts now.

    Ajit Pai, who as Federal Communications Commission chair under Donald Trump led the repeal of net neutrality, resigned from the FCC when Joe Biden became president. Nearly half a year later and the fifth FCC seat remains empty.

    Meanwhile, two of Trump's appointees are still on the FCC. With a 2-2 deadlock, they can continue to block key priorities until the vacancy is filled. In order to reinstate net neutrality and protect internet users from corporate control, we need President Biden to fill the fifth seat.1

    Sign the petition: appoint a fifth FCC member and restore net neutrality!

    The FCC has a long list of initiatives that can help ensure an open internet for everyone.2 

    It includes reviving the long-neglected Lifeline program, which helps ensure internet access for low-income customers. As the pandemic made clear, this is a critical priority.3

    It also includes guiding federal funds for building broadband infrastructure in an equitable, effective manner.

    And it includes restoring net neutrality rules dismantled by the Trump administration.

    But the commission can't move any of these efforts forward without a fifth member appointed by the president. Congress has a limited number of days in session left this year, which means the Senate needs to get that member confirmed and the FCC up and running immediately.

    Tell President Biden: Help restore a free and open internet by appointing a 5th commissioner to the FCC!

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