Do YOU want another Comcast? We don’t either.

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Tell Washington policymakers: Stop the AT&T-Time Warner takeover!

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    Petition to Washington policymakers:
    "Please do everything in your power to stop the AT&T-Time Warner mega-merger. These mergers only serve to line the pockets of corporate executives, while hurting consumer choice, leading to higher prices, and representing a dangerous concentration of economic and political power. Americans don't need or want another Comcast!"

    But that’s exactly what the AT&T takeover of Time Warner would create – a communications and media behemoth that would be another dangerous concentration of economic and political power.

    Time Warner is a HUGE company. It owns everything from HBO and CNN to the DC Comics franchise, Warner Brothers, TBS, and countless other media entities.

    When AT&T isn't busy spying on its own customers for profit, it's overcharging consumers, trying to stop local communities from building their own broadband networks, and fighting net neutrality at every opportunity.

    And it just acquired DirecTV, so allowing AT&T to swallow up Time Warner too would give AT&T unprecedented control over how and what information we see online, in TV, the movies, and other mediums – and how much we pay to access it.

    We can’t trust a pumped-up version of AT&T to guarantee consumer choice, respect net neutrality, protect our private data, or act as a gatekeeper to what we can see online and in the media. This deal must be stopped.

    This $85 billion merger follows a trend of big telecoms acquiring big media companies to squeeze out any competition.

    And we all know that these mega-mergers don’t help consumers. They line the pockets of corporate executives – Time Warner’s CEO is expected to receive a $100 million payout if the deal goes through – while reducing consumer choice and leading to higher prices.

    Plus, an internet provider that also owns huge swaths of content will have extra incentive to find ways to promote its own content and violate net neutrality.

    The proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger is just like the Comcast takeover of NBC Universal in 2011 that brought us the current mega-version of Comcast that we all know and hate – Comcast is now ranked as the "most hated" internet provider! 

    But this deal has just been announced so it’s up to us to stop this merger dead in its tracks.

    Sign the petition: Tell policymakers to block the AT&T – Time Warner takeover!