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Tell Congress to get rid of the Trump tax cuts!

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    Tell Congress to get rid of the Trump tax cuts!

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    We urge you to get rid of the Trump tax cuts and end tax loopholes for big corporations.

    Big Pharma corporation Pfizer owed NOTHING in federal income taxes this year thanks to the 2017 Trump tax cuts and legal loopholes in the tax code.1

    Despite bringing in $27 billion in revenue, Pfizer gets to use the American tax system to the Pharma giant’s advantage — another big corporation able to dodge taxes unlike the vast majority of working people in this country. It’s not how our tax code should work and Congress must do something about it.

    Sign the petition: Urge Congress to end the Trump tax cuts and close loopholes that allow corporations like Pfizer to pay no income taxes!

    Pfizer tripled the price of Paxlovid last year — selling the life-saving COVID drug at a 10,000% markup. It’s just one example of the drug company’s outrageous corporate greed. And the company gets away with paying no income taxes as it jacks up prices for life-saving medicine.

    Drug companies want to continue padding rich executive bonuses and pushing its stock price as high as possible. Paying $0 in federal income taxes helps them do just that. And it’ll only stop if lawmakers ditch the Trump tax cuts that help corporations dodge taxes.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to get rid of the Trump tax cuts. Make corporations like Pfizer and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share!


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