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    Tell the Texas Board of Education: End the War on Science!

    There's a national war on science, and the Texas Board of Education is the front line:  They want to put Creationists in charge of the content of science text books.  The board has influence beyond Texas because the state is one of the largest buyers of textbooks -- so their decisions could undermine what gets taught across America.  

    The nominees to the science curriculum review team are absolutely ridiculous: They don't believe in evolution -- and some of them admit that they don't even believe in science at all!

    One said, "I can find physical and written testimony that the Earth is only 6,000 years old ... Studying natural history can be an interesting, fun, and adventure-filled pursuit, but it is not real science" and another puts it even more bluntly:  "As a creationist, I believe naturalism in the sciences to be science-fiction."

    These people are making a mockery of science education, which could have severe ramifications across the country.  Will you help us fight back by signing our petition to the Texas Board of Education?

    PETITION TO TEXAS BOARD OF EDUCATION: Texas needs to end its war on science. Your embarrassing insistence on trying to teach Creationism will hurt not only children in Texas, but will encourage changes in text books that could undermine science education across our country. 

    Just sign on at right and we'll make sure the Texas Board of Education gets the message.

    The Texas Freedom Network covers the nominees here.