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Break up UnitedHealth's health care monopoly!

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    Break up UnitedHealth's health care monopoly!

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    We urge you to protect patients, workers, and market competition by breaking up UnitedHealth.

    UnitedHealth Group has rapidly become the largest health care conglomerate in the country.1 This has allowed the giant corporation to make money off of every aspect of the health industry, incentivizing a focus on profit over patient care.

    That’s why the Department of Justice (DOJ) just launched an antitrust investigation into UnitedHealth.2 One giant corporation should not have so much control over health insurance AND health care providers in America.

    Sign the petition: Urge the DOJ to halt UnitedHealth’s runaway corporate growth! Break up UnitedHealth’s health care monopoly!

    The DOJ investigation comes as UnitedHealth is rapidly buying up doctors’ practices and outpatient surgery centers.3 The corporation is trying to get bigger and bigger and gain more control over the costs of health insurance and care, which will make executives richer, jack up the cost of getting care, and sacrifice patient care.

    It also comes as the fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicare Advantage private insurance program is gaining more attention from senators like Elizabeth Warren. UnitedHealth is one of the companies accused of overbilling Medicare by between $12 billion and $25 billion for the private insurance it offers seniors (which is riddled with other problems like higher rates of care denials than traditional, publicly run Medicare).4

    UnitedHealth must be held accountable and its health care monopoly must be broken up!

    Add your name: Patients over corporate profits! Stop UnitedHealth.


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