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Call the FTC: Break up Facebook

This is an urgent moment: the FTC is about to decide what to do about Facebook's numerous privacy violations. There's a chance all they will do is levy a fine that Facebook already plans to pay as the cost of doing business.
But that won’t change their behavior. When a company is this big, and has already neutralized rivals like WhatsApp and Instagram by buying them out, the problem is structural.
Please call the FTC and tell them: Break up Facebook:
(919) 926-9388
You can say, "I'm calling to ask that the FTC pursue a breakup of Facebook, forcing them to sell off WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Even a big fine won’t be enough to change their ways. It’s time to restore democracy and competition to social media through strong antitrust action. Thank you."
Then use the form to report the results of your call(s). Thank you!
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